Super Contra ( for PC )

An NES version of Super Contra was released in Japan and North America (as Super C) in 1990 , in the PAL region in 1992. It is revealed in the museum section of Contra 4 that the title was shortened to avoid any accidental reference to the Iran-Contra scandal. The PAL version (Probotector II) has the main characters and the humanoid enemies replaced with robotic counterparts, much like the original Probotector.

The gameplay and graphics of Super C are Similar to the first NES game, but replaces the Pseudo-3D stages with overhead stages much like its arcade counterpart. There are three stages unique to the NES version: a high-tech base, a mountain and an alien nest, all vertical-scrolling stages. The order of the later stages and bosses are also slightly different, with a new final boss added to this version as well (the "Fearsome Beast Kimkoh"). The NES version uses the same power-ups as the first NES game, but changes the function of the "fire gun" power-up from a gun that fires small fireballs that travels Corkscrew pattern to a large projectile that spreads fire after hitting its target. The player can charge this gun by holding down the B button and then releasing it, shooting an even larger projectile that passes through most fodder enemies and causes an even bigger explosion when it hits a large target. The Rapid Bullets, Barrier and Special power-ups from the first NES game are also included in this game.
Requirements: No special requirements
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