Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Unboxing

Nokia's brand new 5530 XpressMusic is kind of like the 5800's baby brother, except it kinda looks cooler than the 5800. No 3G or GPS here, but you do get a 16:9 touchscreen and lots of media features. And WiFi!

First Look Reviews: Nokia 5530

The Nokia 5530 gets reviewed by First look Review. enjoy!

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challenger ( for PC )

Super Street Fighter II played at a slightly faster speed than Street Fighter II, but nowhere near as fast as Street Fighter II' Turbo. This was seen as a step back by long time players who had been accustomed to the faster speed.
Many gameplay elements were adjusted. For example, Ken and Ryu, whose play styles were Similar in previous games, have more pronounced changes to their arsenal to more clearly distinguish them (e.g., Ryu having a much faster Fireball attack and Ken having a multi-hit Dragon Punch).

Dizzy/Stun animations were added. Grim Reapers signified a dizzy that would be difficult to recover from, stars or birds represented a standard Recovery Time dizzy, and angels represented a dizzy that could be escaped from quickly.
Other subtle changes took place with most of the characters: new moves were added and parameters of the moves were altered, generally making the game more balanced than its previous iterations.
The number of "re-dizzy" combos were greatly reduced. Such combos involve executing an unblockable combination on a dizzied character that results in the target character becoming dizzy again.

Requirements: No special requirements
Download here

Nokia 5800 Firmware Updates To v30.0.011

Changes/Improvements/New features/Bugs noticed from v21.002 to v30.0.011
Standby screen:
  • *When Music Player is operating, and seeing the track name on the screen, and then when one song ends and goes to the next track, the speed at which this happens has improved yet again from 21.002, although the noticeable change is not as much as from 20.149 to 21.002.
Call log, Contacts and calling function:
  • *Calling speed (from standby screen to Contacts or Call Log) and transition to call/disconnected screens even faster than 21.002, is more than the instantaneous that I stated for the 21.002, it has improved yet again.
  • *New menu option in the in-call menu to Send MMS during phone call.
  • *Loudspeaker maximum volume has seemed to decreased
  • *Maps startup is now almost instantaneous, speed through all the Maps menus very fast, even faster than Maps 2.0
  • *Switching to different views is very smooth and fast now, i.e. to Map 3D etc.
  • *Maps version 2.0 week 39 remains the same, although the Maps is able to be upgraded to Ovi Maps 3.01 flawlessly
Music Player:
  • *The biggest change is the equaliser improvements. There is a huge improvement in sound quality, even background sounds and other channels are more noticeable. The default equaliser settings are quite good. And bass is less crunchy than before.
  • *Split-second delays now do not exist when pressing the volume keys to change between volume levels. In the past, there was some degree of delay, even running multiple applications now, that behaviour has been improved remarkably.
  • *Freezes in the music player have not been evident to me yet in my days of usage with the new firmware . Which is a marked improvement in the functioning and stability of the music player. Screen tearing and slow speed for album art to appear is still present though.
Camera and Photos:
  • *Biggest change is the reappearance of use of the volume keys to zoom while taking photos/recording video
  • *Going into Details is faster than 21.002, almost instantaneous now
  • *Scrolling speed through thumbnails is only minimally jerky now, also scrolling through photos at 100% view has improved in speed so it is now very smooth and almost instantaneous
  • *When going into menus in Camera, the speed is instantaneous
Video centre:
  • *Logo has changed for the video centre in the menu
  • *Appearance of video menu is different and seems to have inherited the newer N-series/E-series style simplified logos
  • *Speed in the video centre is much improved and is almost instantaneous
  • *Changing between volume levels in RealPlayer is instantaneous, fast-forward/rewind speed and resume of playback after these functions is improved and almost instantaneous. Sound quality appears to have been improved also.
  • *Application has been upgraded from v4.08 to v4.10.0904
  • *Logo has changed and is now reminiscent of the newer N-series/E-series simplified styling
  • *Performance is faster and Yandex search service has been removed in favour of Live Search and Google (Note: this is for the APAC variant, will vary between different regions and specific countries)
  • *Rendering of webpages has improved in speed since 21.002
  • *Rotate Screen option speed is now almost instantaneous
  • *Speed in Web options menu is now instantaneous
  • *Loading of Minimap on side when scrolling down pages does not have pixelation anymore
  • *Overall system speed has been improved so it is somewhat faster than 21.002
  • *Scrolling in the Multimedia menu from one tab to another whilst multiple applications are running, has improved marginally in speed
  • *Overall stability seems to also have been improved, have not had one crash or freeze where I have had to remove the phone battery. The slight freezes that have occurred, the phone has recovered from flawlessly. ( Via )

5800 Original Default Themes ( Red and Blue )

Download Red
Download Blue


Ice Climber ( for PC )

The first player controls Popo, a boy wearing a blue Eskimo parka, while the second player controls Nana, a girl wearing a pink Eskimo parka. The only tool they carry is a wooden mallet to Carve openings in the ice above and to club enemies. Each mountain consists of eight levels of colorful ice and a bonus stage. Standard, dull ice blocks pose no threat other than an easily disposed of barrier. Ice blocks that appear more square and detailed are indestructible forcing the player to take another path. Darker ice with diagonal lines act as a conveyor belt sliding the Eskimo either to the left or right. Finally, many mountains include Cloud-shaped, moving platforms as an additional hurdle. The bonus stage takes place at the peak. With a time limit of 40 seconds and no enemies, the Ice Climbers often face trickier jumps and multiple moving platforms. It is also the only place they can take back their stolen vegetables, most notably eggplants. Collecting just one piece of corn from the fifth bonus stage is the only way to gain an extra life.[4] At the top of the peak, the condor flies overhead. Grabbing its talons before time runs out gives the player a large bonus.

Enemies encounter on their way up the mountains include the Topi, Nitpicker, and Polar Bear. Toppies come in two varieties: the seal featured in the Japanese version and the small yeti seen in western copies. While early U.S. releases featured the seal design, they were redone as a more imaginary creature over concerns of animal cruelty (seal clubbing). Toppies are the least threatening of the Ice Climbers' adversaries. Their aim is to keep the DUO from reaching further up the peak by filling in Gaps in the ice. To do this, a Topi scouts out a place the player has carved through the floor, runs back to its cave, and reemerges pushing an icicle to fill in two blocks. This process repeats till no more openings on their ice level exist.

Requirements: No special requirements
Download here

Sonic wings/Aero Fighters 2 ( for PC )

Aero Fighters 2 is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released in 1994 by Video System.
Take your pick from 8 pilots, human, robot, and Dolphin...
* The American F-117A Nighthawk piloted by Robo-Keaton (once Keaton from the first AeroFighters, now a patriotic robot).
* The American A-10 Thunderbolt II piloted by Captain Silver (retired top gun accompanied by his pet Parrot Polly)
* The Japanese Fighter-Support X piloted by Hien (a ninja)
* The Japanese F-15 Eagle piloted by Mao Mao (a female teenage popstar)
* The International F-14 Tomcat piloted by Cindy and Ellen (A mother and young daughter)
* The International YF-23 "Black Widow II" piloted by Spanky (a talking dolphin)
* The French Rafale piloted by Steve (a Punk rocker)
* The British Sea Harrier FRS2 piloted by Bobby (a baby)
... and blast your way through to reach the mysterious final boss.

Requirements: No special requirements
Download here

20 Reasons Why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple Iphone

Compare in detail Nokia 5800 with Apple Iphone 3G. Here are some reasons we believe Nokia 5800 is way ahead than Iphone-

1) Size
The iphone is bigger in size and uneasy for one hand grip. Nokia 5800 is designed to fit well into your hands. Being smaller in width, its easy to operate single handedly.

Iphone size: 115.5 X 62.1 X 12.3 mm | Nokia 5800 size: 111 X 51.7 X 15.5 mm

2) Weight
Iphone is much bulkier than Nokia 5800. Nokia 5800 is 25g lighter than Iphone in weight.

Iphone: 133g | Nokia 5800: 109g

3) Screen Resolution
The Iphone has 3.5” screen while Nokia 5800 has 3.2” but the resolution of 5800 is far more superior to Iphone.

Iphone: 480 by 320 | Nokia 5800: 640 by 360

4) Storage
Iphone comes with two options- 8GB & 16GB internal memory. Nokia has a more flexible option to offer 8GB with micro SD card which is expandable upto 16GB. Nokia owners can expand memory size according to needs which the Iphone guys can’t do.

5) Input Methods
Iphone: Finger only | Nokia 5800: Finger, stylus, plectrum, handwriting recognition.

6) Features
Apple Iphone has lots of missing features like cut and paste function, saving email attachments, no support for third party headphones, ringtones, pricey iphone applications, many software bugs and other technical glitches. Nokia 5800 Tube has no such issues plus many more amazing features included.

7) Colors
Iphone: Black for 8 & 16 GB, White for 16 GB only. | Nokia 5800: Red, Blue and Black.

8 ) Battery
Nokia 5800 provides upto 35 hrs of music playing time against Apple Iphone which claims just 24 hrs. Overall battery power (talktime/standby) is also about 30% more in Nokia 5800. What more, 5800 has a removable battery which Iphone lacks.

Iphone: 5 hrs talk-time, 300 hrs standby, not removable.
Nokia 5800: 8.8 hrs talk-time, 406 hrs standby, removable battery.

9) Camera
Iphone: 2 MP, no flash, no zoom, no additional camera.
Nokia 5800: 3.2 MP, Flash, 3x digital zoom with Carl Zeiss lens. A second camera in front is available for video calling/conferencing.

10) Video Calling
Iphone: No Video calling possible in Iphone. | Nokia 5800: Video calling is possible.

11) Video Recording
IPhone: No option for video recording. | Nokia 5800: Video recording is included.

12) Music Service
Iphone: Paid service with Apple Itunes Store. You pay and download music to your Iphone.
Nokia 5800: “Comes with music” service is bundled with Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic phone by which you can download as much music as you want for 1 year- FREE!!

13) Voice Dialing
Iphone: Not Available | Nokia 5800: Available

14) Voice Recording
IPhone: Not Available | Nokia 5800: Available

15) Web Browser
Iphone: Webkit based Safari browser, no flash available.
Nokia 5800: Webkit based browser, supports flash lite.

16) FM Radio
Iphone: Not Available | Nokia 5800: Available

17) Bluetooth
Iphone: Bluetooth is available for just handsfree, no file sharing possible.
Nokia 5800: Bluetooth available for handsfree and file sharing is possible. Better audio quality on bluetooth in 5800 with A2DP technology which Iphone lacks.

18) Messaging
Iphone: It does not support message forwarding, multiple SMS deletion, sending SMS to multiple recipients and multimedia messages (MMS).
Nokia 5800: All the above is possible plus it has MMS ver 1.3, message size upto 600kb, and automatic resizing of Images for MMS.

19) Price
Nokia 5800 is hopefully unlocked (without any contract) and will sell much cheaper for just £219 in UK which is equal to 279 Euros or $385.

Apple iPhone 3G, on the other hand, with contract in US comes for $199 & $299 for 8 & 16 GB models and the plans with AT&T are way too expensive. Unlocked Apple Iphones sells for around $800 on Ebay.

In other parts of the world, the 8GB unsubsidized Iphone model costs 499 euros ($700) in Italy, 350 pounds ($620) in UK, $700 in India, Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic is expected to sell around the world for about $400 or below.

20) Experience
Nokia: Ages of experience, hundreds of success stories and dozens of smart handsets in current portfolio. Nokia has about 40% market share with the No.1 spot with no close competitors. Certainly the king when it comes to brand value, service and experience.

Apple: First phone ever launched by Apple is Iphone, no prior experience in the telecom market. It’s a novice in the market with a very less market share despite having millions of Iphone sold.

Almost all the major brands around the world like Samsung, HTC, LG, etc launched their touchscreen smartphones with a hope to beat Apple’s Iphone. No-one came close to Iphone when it comes to looks, style, feel and features.

This is the first time a tech giant like Nokia has hit it hard with its first true touchscreen smartphone. Nokia 5800 is a real Iphone killer with way ahead features, perfect looks and great price. Bravo Nokia, Well Done!!


Nokia N97 Official White Theme _Sunnylovesalman

Download here

N97 Official Blue_Sunnylovesalman

Download here

Sunnylovesalman_5530 Grey Xpress Music

Download here


Phone Torch for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

This is another useful apps for lovely Nokia 5800.
It's called Phone Torch, and it does exactly what it does, lets you use the phone as a torch when required.
It's simple GUI lets you turn on and control the 2 LED flashlights on the back of the camera with the touch of a button.

Now here's the really cool and innovative part to the app: There's a Morse Code option in the app, which basically will let you type any message in and it will automatically covert and transmit it via the LEDs.
Download Here

HelloOX2 - One step Hacking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone

What is HelloOX2?
HelloOX2 is an One step Hacking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone.
Hacking mean that you can get unlimited access to your phone's system folders and files,
with this capability, you'll be able to mod your system apps. for example: modding installserver to install any software you want, don't have to care about certificate anymore.

HelloOX2 is here for everything you need. Hacking, Modding in only One step, just run it, it does all the rest for you. It have been tested and confirm working on almost all device, include the newest S60 phone model N86,N97......etc

How to use it?
Install to your phone, just run it after installed
visit official website for more  http://helloox2.com/
Download Here

WebGate Advanced Blocker v2.12.225 S60v5 nokia 5800 xpressmusic and N97 mobile

Advanced Blocker (AB) is easy to set-up yet powerful filtering tool for unwanted or badly-timed calls and messages.
How it works?
  • Create a blacklist rule: to block certain contacts from calling/texting you, you just need to import them in the application. You can import contacts from phonebook, from the phone log and manually. Hidden callers can also be blocked!
  • Group filters allow you to apply the same blocking rules for all of your phonebook contacts, all contacts not in phonebook and hidden callers.
  • Incoming calls (voice and video) are blocked with a busy tone. Messages (text messages, MMS and WAP push messages) are silently filtered with no sound or light indication.
  • Details of each filtering rule allow you to fine-tune the blocking options for the selected contact(s) or text pattern – you can choose whether to accept or reject calls, SMS, MMS and WAP Push messages.
  • Visual indicator on the stand-by screen monitors AB’s activity and shows you if there are new blocked calls/messages.
  • Blocked History log shows you all new blocked events.

What can you block?
Advanced Blocker recognizes any type of incoming communication and will instantly and silently block events from blacklisted contacts or rules:
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Anonymous calls
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • WAP push messages
You can quickly create filter rules and effectively filter:
  • Phone numbers – imported from the phone’s contact book, the phone’s log or entered manually
  • Private/hidden/withheld numbers –calls from hidden or not identified numbers
  • Phone number patterns – wildcard '*' pattern filter allows you to block out incoming calls beginning or ending with certain numbers e.g. international prefixes; * replaces arbitrary number of positions within phone numbers
  • Messages containing a text pattern – text messages containing a predefined text word or phrase are automatically junked
  • Groups of callers – all in phonebook, all not in phonebook, all numbers for which there is no filtering rule
Features and Advantages
Advanced Blocker seamlessly integrates with your phone and the standard phone software to ensure flawless performance and intact blocking of calls and messages.
Features include:
  • Silent instant reject of all blacklisted numbers, number patterns and text rules
  • Auto-start mode - option to automatically start-up AB after phone restart
  • Blocking of fixed numbers or groups of numbers (wildcard * number filters)
  • Discreet activity indicator on the phone’s stand-by screen
  • Various contact import options – import from the phone’s log, from phone’s contact book, manual import
  • Blocked history log for detailed history of filtered events
  • Visual indicators providing instant overview of all new blocked events in the blacklist rules main screen
  • Blocked messages can be easily viewed and restored
  • Full reject entry log with details screen for each blocked event
  • Customizable reject options for blacklisted contacts – you can select what kind of events to accept or reject from each number – calls, SMS, MMS, WAP push messages.
Take your time while Advanced Blocker takes care of your privacy!
Download Here

Nokia 5530 Xpress Muzic Default Theme

Download Here

Nokia 5330 blue by Sunnylovesalman®™

Download Here

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo ( for PC )

 SPF2 Turbo is a puzzle game with a new twist... You can call it Tetris on crack! Starring a cast of classic Capcom characters, this puzzle games has got personality to boot, a cool yet cutesy soundtrack, non-stop action, and highly addictive gameplay.

Basically, you try to line up gems of the same color (in any direction) to build up square or rectangle blocks. There are 4 colors of gems, and 4 colors of "gem breakers." After building up your colored blocks, you can use the same colored gem breaker to destroy your blocks and "lines" of the respective colored gems. This will result in "countdown" blocks to fall on your opponent's side, which take up to 5 turns to turn into normal colored blocks which your opponent can use to counter.

   Skilled players can cleverly use the countdown blocks to their advantage, and counter their opponent with combos using the different colored gem breakers. Depending on the size of the combo, your selected character will do special moves throughout the battle... And if you manage to win with a "big" combo, your character will perform a devastating super move! ( Via )

 Requirements: No special requirements 
Download Here

Nokia Launches Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition With Lifetime Guidance

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition with lifetime guidance is the latest offering from Nokia. Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition is a tuned version of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and it comes pre-loaded with a lifetime of voice-guided Drive and Walk navigation licenses.
Since Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition comes pre-loaded with the latest version of Ovi Maps, you are able to locate nearby points of your interest and relevant useful informations e.g. local weather reports.
The 5800 Navigation Edition will be available for sale on the third quarter of 2009


Battle City ( for PC )


 Battle City contains 35 different stages that are 13 blocks wide and 13 blocks high. Each map contains different types of terrain and obstacles. Examples include brick walls that can be destroyed by having either the player's tank or an enemy tank shoot at them, steel walls that can be destroyed by the player if he has collected three or more power-up stars, bushes that hide tanks under them, ice fields that make it difficult to control tank and pools of water which cannot be crossed by tanks. There are four progressively harder types of enemy tanks. The game becomes more challenging in later levels, as enemy tanks may act as decoys to lure players away from their base so that another tank can destroy it. In addition, flashing tanks could be destroyed for power-ups. There are several types of power-ups: tank symbol gives an extra life, star improves player's tank (having one star make shots faster, having two stars allow two simultaneous shots, having three stars allow the player to destroy steel), bomb destroys all visible enemy tanks, clock freezes all enemy tanks for a period of time, shovel adds steel walls around the base for a period of time and shield makes player's tank invulnerable to attack for a period of time.

Requirements: No special requirements
Download Here

Super Contra ( for PC )

An NES version of Super Contra was released in Japan and North America (as Super C) in 1990 , in the PAL region in 1992. It is revealed in the museum section of Contra 4 that the title was shortened to avoid any accidental reference to the Iran-Contra scandal. The PAL version (Probotector II) has the main characters and the humanoid enemies replaced with robotic counterparts, much like the original Probotector.

The gameplay and graphics of Super C are Similar to the first NES game, but replaces the Pseudo-3D stages with overhead stages much like its arcade counterpart. There are three stages unique to the NES version: a high-tech base, a mountain and an alien nest, all vertical-scrolling stages. The order of the later stages and bosses are also slightly different, with a new final boss added to this version as well (the "Fearsome Beast Kimkoh"). The NES version uses the same power-ups as the first NES game, but changes the function of the "fire gun" power-up from a gun that fires small fireballs that travels Corkscrew pattern to a large projectile that spreads fire after hitting its target. The player can charge this gun by holding down the B button and then releasing it, shooting an even larger projectile that passes through most fodder enemies and causes an even bigger explosion when it hits a large target. The Rapid Bullets, Barrier and Special power-ups from the first NES game are also included in this game.
Requirements: No special requirements
Download Here

Contra ( for PC )

Contra (Kontora?), released as both Gryzor and Probotector in Europe and Oceania, is an arcade game released in 1987 by the Konami corporation. The player controls a commando who battles waves of enemies including humanoids, machines, mutants and giant aliens to reach his ultimate goal. Much of the game's popularity came from its two-player simultaneous gameplay, which was an uncommon feature in video games at the time of Contra's release. While successful in the arcades, the game became and remained widely popular and remembered when it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988. Contra was voted #1 by gaming website IGN.com as being the "Toughest Game to Beat" (via)

The player's character is equipped with a rifle with an unlimited amount of ammunition. The player can also jump, move and fire in eight directions. The protagonists can move and jump simultaneously while firing. Coordination of the character's movement is essential, as a single hit from any enemy, bullet, or other hazard will instantly kill the player's character, and also discard the current weapon from the player's inventory. It is not unusual for the screen to be occupied with several enemies and dozens of bullets moving in different directions all at once in the game's eight stages.

Konami Codes ( for 30 lives )
 Requirements: No special requirements || Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
Download Here

Nokia 5800 Portal Wall Pack

For a nice display... set your phone on the 4 contacts option for the
Home Screen and set the wallpaper to "slideshow" set the change time to
1 minute and select all the wallpapers.
This will change your wallpaper every minute
for more info here and contact

Download here

[ Tips ] homescreen's bug still remain in v.30.

You need to have your phone hacked. Here are the 2 easy steps after you do that.

1. Go to c:\private\10202BE9\persists\ folder and delete file delete 10275102.cre.
2. Restart your phone.
3. After restarting just change your home screen settings to Basic or Contacts Bar settings then back to Shortcuts bar setting.

Yeah ! Home screen shortcut buttons are back and the home screen is again functioning.

more news via

ps : i got this prob before, but after follow this step, everything go normal again.


Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Capcom for CPS2 ( for PC )

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is the fifth Marvel Comics-licensed fighting game by Capcom and the third to feature Capcom characters (see Marvel vs. Capcom (series)). In contrast to X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, the game features characters from numerous Capcom franchises such as Mega Man and Strider, rather than just Street Fighter characters. The game takes place within the Marvel comic continuity, as Professor Charles Xavier calls out for heroes to stop him before he merges with the consciousness of Magneto and becomes the being known as Onslaught, the final boss.

While the gameplay was typical of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Marvel vs. Capcom was distinguishable by two features: the ability to summon assist characters, and the DUO Team Attack.

Unlike the previous game in the series, the point character of a Marvel vs. Capcom team could not summon the offscreen partner for an assist attack; instead, an assist character was randomly selected before the match began. This character could be summoned a limited number of times in battle to attack the opponent in parallel. Codes could be used to force the system to select a certain assist character.

The Duo Team Attack allowed a player to control both characters on his or her team simultaneously for a Brief period of time; the characters had unlimited use of their super moves during this time. Since some characters had hard-to-avoid super moves that did substantial damage if blocked, the Duo Team Attack led to tactics that were oriented around activating it before your opponent could. Since the PlayStation port only allowed one character to play a point, a Duo Team Attack would call the assist character repeatedly without cost during its duration.

Requirements: No special requirements || Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me

Review: Capcom's third installment to the VS series pits some of Capcom's most classic characters into the ring against some of Marvel's most popular heroes and villains. The Capcom character roster has decreased a bit, but isn't only made up of Street Fighter characters this time around, as "heroes" from classic games also make their fighting game debuts, such as: Strider Hiryu, Megaman, & Captain Commando. Unlike Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter, this sequel feels like a completely new entity; featuring all new backgrounds, BGMs, and gameplay! ( via )

Download here



What is BlockGO : BlockGO is an addictive puzzle game specially made for kids and adults. Gaming rule is simple, move colorful blocks by your finger, and lead the red BlockGO right to the exit. 99 levels in 5 difficulties await you to challenge. Also, solution animation available when you are stocked. As a mobile game, You can stop BlockGO anytime and resume while you are back. Believe me, you will have hours of fun time with BlockGO! BlockGO is designed for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97 and the coming Symbian S60 5.0 touch screen mobile phones. If you are still playing the old low-resolution mobile game in your new large QHD screen cell phone? Look into the new era! BlockGO is the game you must have in you hand!
Download Here

Shake it

Enjoy broken your accelerometers and arms guys =) so far 1 of best and funny games for lovely 5800xm download here

5800 Original Soundwave Black Theme

Original themes from Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone Download here

Human Snake

Do you guys still remember there was once a very famous game that available on Nokia 3310, Snakes?
Here is an awesome promote video made for N-Gage and tribute to the world's most played game "Snakes"
This is a real human made Snake video with 1000 peoples moving frame by frame and step by step.Have you played Snakes before?

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Ringtones

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Original ringtones
Format: mp3 || 128 Kbps || Quantity: 38 || Size: 8.5mb Download here

Nokia n97 ringtones

Nokia n97 Original ringtones
Format : Mp3-aac || Quantity : 33 || Size : 7.99mb
Download here

Battery Level for ( S60v5 ) Nokia 5800

It's a simple widget that shows you the battery level and an estimated usage time remaining.
download here 


List of all Nokia phones ever made since 1982

This picture / list of all Nokia phones ever made from 1982 - 2006. Double click at the picture and you can find the full sized photo after the break (2900×2200 resolution, 946k jpg file)
[ news via ]
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