Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo ( for PC )

 SPF2 Turbo is a puzzle game with a new twist... You can call it Tetris on crack! Starring a cast of classic Capcom characters, this puzzle games has got personality to boot, a cool yet cutesy soundtrack, non-stop action, and highly addictive gameplay.

Basically, you try to line up gems of the same color (in any direction) to build up square or rectangle blocks. There are 4 colors of gems, and 4 colors of "gem breakers." After building up your colored blocks, you can use the same colored gem breaker to destroy your blocks and "lines" of the respective colored gems. This will result in "countdown" blocks to fall on your opponent's side, which take up to 5 turns to turn into normal colored blocks which your opponent can use to counter.

   Skilled players can cleverly use the countdown blocks to their advantage, and counter their opponent with combos using the different colored gem breakers. Depending on the size of the combo, your selected character will do special moves throughout the battle... And if you manage to win with a "big" combo, your character will perform a devastating super move! ( Via )

 Requirements: No special requirements 
Download Here

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