Sony Ericsson Satio: Default Media And Files Package [ for S60v5 ]

S.E Satio Wallpapers
These are the wallpapers that come pre-loaded in the Satio. Download the full pack

The Z Drive:
This is the Satio's Z drive. This is for those who want to look at what makes the phone tick

Read First :
Don't you love the feeling of having something new to play with? When I get a new 'toy', the first thing I do is go through it to see if there's anything particularly interesting. With S60, a new device usually means new default wallpapers, themes and several other small things. Read on to find my pick of some of the good things that I've found in the Sony Ericsson Satio.

The Satio comes with three built-in themes that look great on its 3.5 inch screen. I've extracted these and signed them with certificates provided by (not) my friend P@sco meaning that it'll install on any S60 phone without any certificate worries. Do remember that these themes were designed for the Satio, so they probably won't look as good on other phones.enjoy!

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